• Reviewed by: Divajlady  on: 2016-06-10T19:22:13
    The food is wonderful. I just wish the sanitation rating was better. Cleanliness and sanitation are a very important part in your whole restaurant experience. Because of that I haven't been back.
  • Reviewed by: amyscanlan  on: 2016-06-09T21:04:22
    Price of the buffet? Lunch/dinner?
  • Reviewed by: shadybanks3  on: 2016-02-20T14:07:56
    Osaka honestly has the best Japanese AND Chinese food in all of Greenville. Not only is the buffet a tremendous value, but everything I have ever eaten there has been truly delicious. If you have never eaten there before, please do yourself a favor and try it immediately!
  • Reviewed by: Harpersky  on: 2015-12-14T09:44:43
    The most fresh and delicious food in greenville. Your food is brought out to you piping hot and served to you at your table and not in a buffet line where the food is picked over by bunches of other people. You will not regret eating here.
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